The Virgin Trim

It's time for this 2 footer get it's first trim ever. When I first planted the tank the utricularia graminifolia didn't do that well. After some investigation it turns out that our Unicorn LightWarrior is actually too bright for certain plant in full blast. So after tuning down the power the utricularia graminifolia grew like it's on steriod. Worry that it might came loss from it wabikusa base for being too thick I decided to trim it. 

Got my trimmer ready turn off the filter and I'm ready to go. As I went in I notice that this is the first time I trim a utricularia graminifolia iwagumi. Assuming all the plants are the same I went in and cut the off as I please. Careful not to cut any Yamato shrimps during the process (it happen often) I finished them in minutes. This is how the tank look like now after being trim and I hope I did it right or else I need to replant the whole thing all over again. No fertilizer was added after the trim as the soils are only a few months old.

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