Spending time with Hikaru

Almost everyday I would let a chinchilla out from their cage to runs around the chinchilla room. Some time I found my self sitting on the floor and watch them do their things. Unlike dogs, chinchilla aren't fully domesticated pet and therefore they doesn't spend time with you like you might want to. For a human we might think that the happiest moment with our pets are hugging and petting them. But for animal like chinchilla the best moment for them to just run around the house. They aren't fully domesticated therefore they don't have the program of sitting still in your hand and let you pet their head program in their gene.


Each chinchilla has different characteristic. As for Hikaru, he totally hate being carry around but love to jump on to my shoulder or head or anywhere on me that he could. I guess that's the way he show his love. Some times I would just do my things looking at at my phone while he does his things jumping around and occasionally he would come near me and see what I'm up to. Just when I thought he would want some petting he would just sprint away.

This is totally fine with me. Changing something to our ideal is kind of a selfies. If I love a chinchilla I love them the whole. Not only the way they look but the way they act and all of their poops as well. We human love to change other to our liking maybe we think we are superior and apply our logic to others. But when we change something isn't it's not the same thing we like before anymore? And if we are really that more intelligence and superior shouldn't we be the one that try to understand others and adapt our self for them?

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