35L rescape

Just rescaped a 35L nano planted tank on the pass Wednesday. Decorated with some randomly selected stones and planted with plants such as the Asplenium tenuifolium don, Hemianthus callitrichoides, Hygrophila sp. 'portovelho', Procerpinaca palutris, Ammania sp Bonsai, rotala nanjenshan and some other stem plants. 
The idea is to have the stem plants cover both sides behind the rock right until the top leaving a small gap just slight to the left from the center. I mostly use wabikusa form cause I'm lazy. But unfortunately I didn't order enough foreground plants leaving some empty spot at the front that will be plant on the coming Wednesday. 
The tank is lite up with an Unicorn Lightwarrior P-Type 01 (dimmed) and filter by a Fluval C3 with Seachem Matrix Carbon and Purigen. I use a C3 because I already have one laying around but a C2 will be more then sufficient for this tank size. The water is chill with a JAD cooling fan. I also use an Intense Atomize for the CO2. The substrate is consist of only ADA Amazonia from previous use before the tank was rescaped. 
Currently running the tank bio system with Seachem Stability. Will expect for diatoms algae to grow in the coming 2 weeks which is when some otto and Siamese algae eater will be introduce. In the 5th-6th week the tank should be stabilize and tetras will be introduce.


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