35L Rescape - A month later

It's been a month since I rescaped the 35L planted aquarium. Most of the thing goes according to plan except for the Ammania sp Bonsai that failed to adapt and is no where to be seen now. I might introduce them again when I trim the rotala nanjenshan as there's no reason to add them now since the area is already covered by rotala nanjenshan which doing exceptionally well.

The otocinclus that was introduce initially 2 weeks after the rescape is doing well and done a pretty a job in keeping the aquarium clean while the SAE that was introduce along with the otocinclus decided to commit suicide. The 2nd SAE also decided to do the same but 3rd time is the charm. This 3rd SAE is doing a good job in eliminating the hairy algae. Only a small bunch of them are visible now. 


 Surprisingly the Anubias nana 'Petite' are doing awesomely. 

The Hemianthus callitrichoides on the other hand are slow but definitely growing. I'm expecting them to grow even faster seeing now that they have adapted to submerge form.

Will continue to do the usual once a week 50% water change with reverse osmosis water with added 2-3 degree of carbonate and 5-6 degree of general hardness. Once the Seachem Matrix Carbon is exhausted, I have plan to switch to Seachem Cuprisorb.

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