Chinchilla VS heat

This happened last week but I couldn't bring my self talking about it nor do I want to think about it. For those that knows how it's like to keep rodent as pet and don't want to spend the rest of their day being gloomy please look away. 

Last week during a night I had a girl came into my shop crying with a chinchilla in her hand. It's a beige color chinchilla, Hanzo's color. My heart shank for a second when I see the lifeless beige chinchilla in her hand. I got my self together and asked her what's wrong. She answer me back with a question 'is he's gone?'. I looked at the chinchilla again and I'm almost sure that he was gone. I asked her what's wrong and she said her air-conditioning was on repair and the chinchilla might got heat stroke. I took the chinchilla into my hand, I really want to save the chinchilla but in the same time the reality is the chinchilla had pass the point where I can save him. He's not moving at all. I opened my refrigerator and place him near it on my hand. I saw his legs move a little. I though to my self 'maybe there's a chance'. But time passes and he started to move less and less. I asked off how long had the chinchilla been like this. She told me it was more then half hour ago. From that point, I came facing with the reality as the chinchilla slowly started move less and less until only the toes are moving ever so slightly. It's not gonna happen. The chinchilla pass away on my hand. I handed the chinchilla back to his owner. 

For the whole night I couldn't stop thinking about the chinchilla. And I realize I have to be more careful of my chinchillas. I can't let this happen to them. Spend the night searching for some sort of temperature warning alarm system on Amazon. 

And then I thought I should help prevent this as much as I could. So here's a few things you could do if your air condition were not working:

  1. Move your chinchilla to another room with air condition if you have one
  2. Try not to get your chinchilla excited. They more they runs around the higher their body temperature will gets
  3. If you have always stock bottles of ice water in freezer like I do, wrap the iced bottle with towel/fleece and place it in the chinchilla cage. 
  4. Place a towel over the chinchilla cage and blast it with fan to increase the evaporation thus lower the ambient temperature. This will makes the air damp and not good for your chinchilla and it's fur but it can be fix when the air condition is back on with the help of dust bath.

Before I continue let's brighten up a bit with this video of me and Hikaru the Wilson White who love to use me as his personal gym:

Now I would also like to talk about how heat affect chinchillas. Sadly people doesn't seems to understand it or they would just ignore it just so that they could own a chinchilla even thought they are not suitable to. Human have long have the habit of owning things. They say it's love but if you love someone shouldn't you make sure they are happy and healthy? Shouldn't it be more about the one you love then about your self? Now put your self in the chinchilla shoe. Wear the thickest coat in the world that cover your whole body tightly, even your face. Sit in your living room without air condition. How does it feel? I have people asking if I open fan blowing at the chinchilla would keep the chinchilla cool. Now imagine that you with the coat covering every inch of your body and have fan flowing at you. Does it help? Now to make it worst, you can't sweat. Will you be happy living in this condition for the rest of your life giving that you didn't pass away from heat stroke. So what temperature would you prefer to set your air condition at? 22 Celsius at that bad huh? Same as chinchilla. 

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