Photographing the 88 Pets Mart @ Pandan Indah 1000L Planted Aquarium

I've been wanting to photograph the aquarium for a very long time. This aquarium had been here for a very long time. Even with this scaping it should be at least 5 years. I remember I had to climb into the aquarium to place the Ryu stones as the weight would break my back like Bane did to Batman. But the aquarium was rather big, I don't have proper lighting equipments, the space are limited and it's outdoor making it some what troublesome to photograph.

Anyway, here it is. Finally photograph it last Friday. And I've decided to record the process as well. So enjoy! 

* Updates:

  • ISO is the sensitivity of the image/light sensor or film in the camera where image is capture. Higher number equal to higher sensitivity and able to capture image in darker places. However image quality will drop with higher sensitivity. Therefore a lower ISO is prefer if possible.
  • Aperture or F stop is the term use for describing the opening hole of the camera where light pass thru to the sensor/film. More light will enter the sensor with larger aperture. Larger aperture will also have shallower depth of field where less area will be in focus (normally prefer for portraiture) while smaller aperture will have more area in focus (normally prefer for landscaping). Smaller aperture will have larger number while larger aperture will have smaller number. In the beginning I was using aperture of F8 and later switch to smaller aperture of F11.
  • Shutter speed refer to the speed of the camera shutter is open and close. Slower shutter speed will allow more light entering the sensor/film before closing but moving subject will have motion blur. In the beginning I was using 1/125 (125 of a second) of shutter speed and later switch to 1/200 shutter speed.
  • Flash Sync refer to the synchronization rate of the flash and shutter speed. There is always a limit of how fast a certain camera shutter can go before lost sync with the flashgun. When this happen partial of the image will be darken.
  • Camera to use: any camera that have manual control and hotshoe (spot to attach flashgun). For instant a compact camera like the Sony RX100 with a hotshoe can be use while an interchangeable lens camera that doesn't have a hotshoe like the Sony a5100 can't.

And here's the final image


  • jun

    hi, whats the red stem plant at the background, do you guys sell it?

  • Marjun B.Tanza

    its nice a aquarium…and i like this…

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