Haru and Asuka has a baby!

Today Haru and Asuka gave birth to a baby chinchilla! Which is great! But then it also mean that tonight Haru has to be separated from his baby and Asuka. Can't help but to feel sorry for him.










And it also mean that I will have to put another cage in that tiny room. Which also mean I will have more problem when letting them out to run in the room. They love to go to other's cages to pick a fight when they are out. And not just normal fight they will get their fingers chew off! So I have to find someway to prevent them from doing so. Now with another cage, another headache. Especially when Hikaru is out. He is the master of infiltration. Always get to places where I thought he couldn't get to. Should had name him 'Big Boss'. 

Haru I'm so sorry you have to be alone again starting from tonight for several months :( But I promise I'll let you out with Asuka and your baby few times a week for your reunion. I trust that you won't make another baby with Asuka during the day k? HUGS!

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