A little update on the 15L aquarium

More then a week after I've introduced plants into the tank, hairy algae and diatoms algae started taking over the tank. It was pretty bad as some of the limnophila sp vietnam growth started to slow down. But fortunately this type of algae aren't hard to take care of as long as you know what is causing them and what to do. So the fine hairy type algae normally would grow in a new tank right around 14 days after starting the tank and usually algae eater would help. I was planning to use the silver flying fox but they doesn't like my tank and jump out of it. So I ended up with Yamato shrimps instead. They were a big help and got ride of the algae in just few days. As for the diatoms, I suspect the cause was the silicate in the tap water. To solve this, a pack of Seachem Phosguard is use. I use Phosguard (aluminium oxide) instead of iron oxide because I wanted to remove them fast and I doesn't want to remove all of the phosphate that is in the water. 

50% water changes is being practice once a week using reverse osmosis water with added 2dKH and 4dGH. Activated carbon is also being replace more then usual.

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