Adding the final batch of corals

Went to introduce the last batch of corals into the aquarium which I'm very excited about as I'm a huge fans of SPS (Small Polyps Stony) corals as today will be all about them. They are place at empty space at the top of the tank as you can see in the picture above. I also introduce some algae cleaner like Tang, Blenny, starfish and sea cucumber. 

* Another angle of the tank before adding the SPS corals.

And here's the picture with the SPS added. It got a bit cloudy from me moving things aroung.

Also check out this Mighty Magnet that we have for this aquarium. It can be use for aquarium with glass up to 57mm! It is the second largest magnet that we have ever use. The largest we have use can be use on glass up to 76mm and could crush fingers with ease. And if both sides of magnet happen to come in contact, it will be very hard to separate them. 

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