Chinchilla, before you buy one.

Chinchillas are rodent native to the Andes mountains at high elevations up to 4,270 meter. By the 19th century chinchilla have became quite rare for being hunted by human for their soft fur. Human now farm breed them for clothing. Giving how technologically advance human are we still wear animal skin and fur like cave men. 

Chinchillas are currently listed as a critically endangered species by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Over the pass 15 years chinchillas had lost 90% of their population cause chinchilla hunting by human. Even though we are the only species on Earth that have religious believe, we are also the only species that would kill for other reason then necessity needs. In 2011 chinchillas has become critically endangered. 15 years before 2011 there were listed as least concern.

Like other rodents chinchilla can be make as pet if one could provide what they needs. Like many rodents chinchilla have teeth that continuously growing which is why they need stuff to chew. As many rodents, they also need extensive exercise. Duel to the extreme environment they live in, they don't do good with water and heat. But the good thing is they will bath them self if dust made of pumice is provided to them. Chinchilla also need to be keep in a temperature of 15 to 20 Celsius all thanks to their thick fur. But many seems to reject this reality and substitute with their own. I can't imagine how hard is it for someone to understand why a chinchilla need to be keep in a 15 to 20 Celsius environment. If you can't, just wrap your self in multiple layer of winter wear. Not only the body but all the way to your face. Now sit in a room in Malaysia that doesn't have air-con only fan. Can the fan even reach you? Don't forget even your face is covered. Do you feel comfortable? Now try and run and jump around. Is that enough to kill you? Now try to imagine that your can't lower your body temperature by sweating. Cause that is just how a chinchilla is. If you were to keep a chinchilla please make sure your could provide them what they need. They are many people that might try to sell you a chinchilla saying that they are special breed in Malaysia and doesn't need air-con. Please before you buy them, use your brain to think and reconsider. Is there any rodent in Malaysia that have fur like that? Is there any tikus here that is as fluffy as a chinchilla? 

This is Arturo. He is the saddest polar bear in the world. He lived in a zoo in Argentina with temperature that could reach 40 Celsius. The zoo would some time try to cool him down by throwing ice in his enclosure. He lived a sad life and pass away this month in the zoo. If you plan to keep a chinchilla in Malaysia without air conditioning, then you're the same kind of people that put Arturo in that zoo.

The animal didn't force you to take them in. If you really want to take an animal as pet please make sure you can provide with them what they needs or it will be torturing not keeping a pet. 

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