Chinchilla in a Car Vol.01

Hi, some of you might already know that we are making some changes to our shop in Pandan Indah with all the renovation works that's going on. One of the changes is that the 'Chinchilla Room' is no more. Which mean I can't let the chinchillas our in a room which is safe for them and hang out with them. I might be able to figure something else for them but for now I can't hang out with them at all. So I figure maybe I could hang out with them in my car. Not sure if it's a good idea yet but I've decided to make a Vlog of it and see how things turn out. 

Haru will be in the first Vlog. I'm still vary of the situation. Not sure if there's any hidden holes in my car. But once I'm more comfortable with it, it might turns out to be fun. 

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