Coffee House Upgraded!

Hi everyone!! It's been so long since I've updated the blog! Been super busy here. Super short-handed here. Anyway, upgrade Coffee's Coffee House. Coffee is the Winter Hamster that was abandon by an owner that didn't think it thru before having him. But I think Coffee deserve better. 

Always wanted to give Coffee something awesome but the Habitrail Mini Value Pack had been out of stock up until few days ago. The OVO series tubes are just too big for Winter Hamster to climb up vertically. The OVO Mini Maze is where's her food at while the OVO Den is where's a bathroom is at. The OVO Trainer is located up high so that she can enjoy the view while exercising. It is also connected to her bathroom just in case she need to take a shower after running. You can't see it there but below the OVO training is another OVO Den which is where her toiler is at. I've keep her old pumpkin house cause she seems to love it :) 

Still open for upgrade in the future :D

Speaking of coffee, if you guys love brewing your own coffee at home check out this wonder website that sell awesome freshly roasted coffee!

I got 2 bags from them every 2-3 weeks. Coffee is awesome!

By the way,this is Coffee:

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