Need to spend more time with the animals

She's Nana-chan. My Teddy Guinea Pig. We were really close. But I haven't spend much time with her lately. Around a week ago out of the blue I gave her a good petting. Tickle her chins. She love that. As I was doing that I realize that I've not spend time with her for months. She seems to enjoy it more then usual. Normally after a few rub at her nose and her chins she would move along and doing her usual stuff. This time she just stay there and let me pet her as long as I want. 6 days ago she passed away. Although she passed away peacefully, it keep stuck in my mind. That and also the death of my hamster Coffee:

I realize other then giving her treats I've not really pet her for the pass 6 months or so. When you want to spend more time on doing something which always mean there's something else that you'll have to spend less time at. So sadly to say from now on I won't be updating this blog much anymore. I will still continue doing Going2Work on our Youtube channel cause I believe it could maybe help someone or some pets. But it won't be as often as once video a week as I originally planned. Also it will be temporary pause for the moment as I was actually filming the video with an action cam that I borrowed. That's because all my camera is really heavy and there's no way of mounting them in my car. Now that I've return the camera I have nothing to record the video with. I might get a lighter camera or an action cam in the future but as of now I could use sometime to catch back on things that I've neglected. Video editing really takes a lot of time. 

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