Photographing the 60L Ultricularia Tank

Pass Sunday we photograph the 60L Ultricularia tank in our Pandan Indah outlet. You all might remember the virgin trim from this previous blog post 4 months ago. The tank is about half year old and near perfect condition. It's very hard to have a tank be in perfect condition for photographing cause everything have to be perfect. All the plants have to be in the proper growth. This is near perfect so I decided to photograph it. Photographing an aquarium is actually pretty easy. The hardest part is making your aquarium beautiful enough to be on the camera. We have some issue with the backdrop during photographing process but in the end it all work out. There isn't much need to do in Photoshop, just some perspective correction, cropping and some cleaning of particles in the water. 






Here's some details of the aquarium:



Let's enjoy the process!


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  • xs

    Your blog, photograph and aquarium (of course!) are amazing. Thanks for sharing, keep writing.

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