Planting the 15L Nano Tank

So I've finally got the time to plant the 15L nano. This tank will be a good opputunity for me to test the new super economical CAY Aqua Soil. And I took the chance to test the Flourish Glue by Seachem. The process was pretty relaxing since it's such a small tank and I'm using limnophila sp. Vietnam in wabikusa form on most part of the tank. Sticking the moss on the rocks is actually the hardest part. Limnophila is pretty easy to grow and if it can't grow well in the CAY Aqua Soil, it will mean that the soil is completely useless. So I guess it is a good test. 

As for the Flourish Glue, well it stick the same as the Aqua World glue. But the deference is at the quantity of it. You see, the Aqua World tube isn't really fill up fully with glue. At least half of them is air. Which mean if you're planing to use a lot of them you'll have to waste time changing opening up new tubes. And also because there's so much air inside it constantly blop out air when you squeeze them out and some times it make some mass where else the Flourish Glue is 95% if not 100% filled with glue. Not only that the nozzle oepning of it is much smaller which helps when you need precision but not so much when you need to pump a lot of them out at once. But with the small nozzle opening, it wouldn't drip when you leaving sitting on somewhere while you sticking your plants which is not the case of the Aqua World version. But with that being said, the Aqua World is much cheaper and it's being sell by individual tube where else the Flourish Glue are being sold in pair. So if you don't need much of the glue and want to save a few ringgits, you might want to consider the cheaper Aqua World glue instead. 

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