RANT: Hamster!!

Every jobs have their own challenge. But some of them makes me so frustrated that I want to eat someone's brain as breakfast. From time to time I have people comes in looking for hamster as pet which is normal for a pet shop and as usual most of them don't know a thing about hamster. And as usual I would give them some advice to help them out as much as possible. The number one advice I would give is that hamster if keeps in pair they will breed real fast and in great numbers. And they will often fight, to the death. But they never listen. They just need to get two. WHY?! Why? I just ask them to give me less business. Do they think I would lie? In the end they will always come back with dozen of baby hamsters asking me to adopt them. Even worst they will come back with a badly injured hamster. On top of that some of them would actually want to choose another hamster. WHY?!?! Your hamster obviously is a lonely type why went thru all the trouble to torture another hamster?! Hamster are naturally found in harsh environment such as the desert or places cover by snow where resource are rare so they are naturally territorial. Unless you have a really really huge hamster cage chances are they are going to fight. When I say huge it's not your average hamster cage size. More like 3-4 times of those at least. Why is it so hard to understand? Would someone keep 2 Fighting Fish in a same tank? More hamster equal to more poops, more poops equal to more cleaning which is also the first concern of most of my customer. 

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