Seachem Flourish Advance REVIEW

We have got the Seachem Flourish Advance in our inventory for quite sometimes and I've also had the thought of giving them a review but have yet to put an effort into or nor do I know how to do it. Not until when I have some problem with one of the new tank that I setup.

This one:

Initially the tank was doing exceptionally well until suddenly with a little bit of algae growing but because the plants was growing so fast I wasn't really concern. But then after few more weeks when I was expecting the tank should have stabilize and it actually didn't but got worst I know that there's something not right. The water collect a lot of oil on the surface. So much that the surface skimmer that I added didn't manage to clear them up. And after a day or two when I did a water change the aquarium would look like I have not did water changes for weeks. Water turn yellowish, and plants stop growing. The Purigen that I place in the filter would turn brown much faster then expected and it doesn't improve over time. We did more frequent water changes and replace carbon way more often and also added Seachem Phosguard into the filter. In the end the surface oil reduces and the water doesn't turn yellowish as fast but yet the plants are not responding. And one day Flourish Advance came into mind and after doing some research I thought of giving it a try. 

Less then a week after using the product the I've notice the glossostigma have responded and started to grow new leafs. Then I started to use it on all of the display tank and around 2 weeks the results are quite significant. Way above my expectation. Now the problematic 160L is in perfect condition. On top of that the Eriocaulon that I've had in my 60L tank have shown rapid grow rates that I've never thought possible with this type of plant. 


Final thought:

The Seachem Flourish Advance is a solid products and I would recommend all aquascaper to have one. But do keep in mind that a beautiful planted aquarium require much more then just a simple bottle of hormone. So don't expect to get result that you didn't deserve for not maintaining your tank well. 

You can purchase the product here.

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