Setting up a new 160L Planted Aquarium

Finally have the time to setup the 160L planted tank in our new place. We are using the old equipment from the previous place except for the soil and diffuser. 

When moving our stuff I find lots of old driftwood that is less attractive then other. It could have easily been around my place for more then 5 years. So I decided to make use of them in the new setup. Pretty much is a tree forest design. That's the only way I can think of to make use of the woods. Before we set it up I place a white stick at the back of the aquarium. The idea is to act as a fill light when I need to take photograph of the aquarium later as the aquarium is in a place where fill light at the back of the aquarium is not possible. Also this time around I'll be using SL Aqua soil because we just restock plenty of them. During the initial water introduction it made the water pretty brownish. But that's not necessary a bad thing nor a good thing. After placing the rocks and woods in I leave the aquarium to run with water for slightly more then a week. Light and CO2 was not turn on. The idea is to purify the water as much as possible before introducing the plants thus giving a better chance for plants to grow and survive. Of cause during the water run, we change the water almost daily using normal tap water.

During the day of plants introduction, I removed most of the water before planting and fill it up with reverse osmosis water after. I adjusted the GH to around 4 degrees while the KH at 2 degrees with Seachem Equilibrium and Remedy KH Buffer. I also place some chemical filtration to remove much of the impurity from the aquarium as much as possible with Fluval Total Clear, Seachem Purigen and Seachem Cuprisorb. 


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