Unboxing the Zetlight UFO

I'm sure most reef keep have heard about the ZetLight name as well as their UFO series light. Recently I've got my hand on it and decided to do an unboxing video of it or also some initial thought about it. 

Well, first off the box. Can't go without mentioning about the box in the unboxing video. The material it uses is good enough but the design IMO can be a bit better and more informative. Like I would like to know the wavelenght of the LEDs that is use and PAR level of the light. Or maybe some basic stuff like the design of the light it self. Seriously the UFO is so illusive that you can get a good view of it on the box. It's like some conspiracy :) Now moving on to the inside of the box, everything is well padded. Nothing to complain there. 

The built of the product it self is kind of a let down to me. But I might have high expectation on it. Not only that it's made out of plastic but it some cheap one as well. The plastic on my phone charger is better then this. It is also not well built as the 'moon ring' along the side of the light move around when I press on it lightly. That being said, the mounting kits of it is solid built! 

I also got my hand on the optional condense lens for the light which will make the lights to focus and penetrate to deeper water. The lens it self is solid nothing to complain there and it's actually beyond what I expect. Not only that a mounting bracket extender is included but also 2 color of lens mount which is nice. 

Now the unit can be operate by it self but it can also be connected to a control unit for more function or a wireless control unit which is the one I get. Not only the wireless control unit gives extra features and control over the UFO but also you can access it remotely via internet. It can also be connected to Zetlight wavemaker to synchronize the wave produce over different period of time with the UFO. Further more it can also be connected to an Apex unit. 

So far everything things is great about the light except for some minor complain on the built quality. Now move on to operating the light it self. For me this is the downside of the light. Not only that the apps is not very intuitive but the user manual is rubbish. Although a start up drawing guild would be nice but at least have a step by step written instruction setup the system. The instruction on connecting the apps to the device or the wireless controller to the router or the light it self to the remote controller is very confusing. It is there but it is not complete. And there is no indication or not if you're connected properly. More then half hour in as I'm about to give up I some how finally able to make it work. I tried to see the review on the apps on Google Play and as I expected, everyone wrote that it doesn't work. Which what I would assume if I was not able to get them connected. Now after the system is connected it is more or less pretty easy to use as long as you keep on using the Expert more instead of the Basic mode which is even more confusing then Expect. Now it is not that the Basic provide more function but it just give more buttons without specify what does each buttons do. For instant, if you press the thunder button to make the light stimulate thunder storm and now you're left guessing on how to make it stop. And you guess it, it's not written in the user manual as well. 

Because I've not actually put the light into use but I'm guessing it's going to be pretty good giving the fact that the control over the lights is pretty adjustable. All and all this is a good lighting system with great potential but suffer from bad apps design and rubbish user manual. Which is bad since the function of the light it self relay so much on the apps. I'm sure with better design apps this light can do so much more or at least better user manual so that anyone that have spend so much money on it won't get so frustrated right at the moment when they are about to use it. First impression is very important. A NFC on the light and the control would help connect them together and a WPS to connect the wireless controller to a router will help too. 

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