What kind of sorcery is this?!

Last week we have a new product from Exo Terra, the Terrarium Glass Cleaner. It is suppose to clean those stubborn mineral deposit on your aquarium glass. You know those white thing that appear just above your aquarium water level. They stick to the glass and impossible to remove. 

The product is in gel form, which make it easier to use on an aquarium cause some are in liquid form and you don't want them to drip into your aquarium. It is fairly easy to use, apply on the surface, leave it there for couple of minutes and clean up. It claim to works on most smooth surface too.






It works better then I expected! I then test it on various places and it work perfectly. I proceed to test it on a glass stain that is so old that it have became part of the glass. It still work but need couple of application before removing them. Amazing product!

You can check out the products at this link

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