Why Is Your Fighting Fish Dying And How To Save It

Why Is Your Fighting Fish Dying And How To Save It

As far as fish keeping goes, Betta Fish or as known as Fighting Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish is widely consider the most simple and easiest fish to keep. It doesn't require much space or equipment to keep. You might have heard from your elders that they used to keep them in a jar with no filtration or any other equipment. So why are yours's dying?

Not quite true

While betta fish can survive in a 500ml plastic bag it doesn't mean that it can live there. It will not die immediately in a small container but definitely will it live for long nor it will be happy about it. It is also known that betta fish doesn't needs any filtration. True that it is possible to have a healthy and happy betta fish without any help of a filtration but there are certain condition to meet for achieve this. 

Why betta fish fin root and die

There's two reason to this, pH and water quality. Like all aquatic lives betta fish needs the water it's in to be in a certain pH value to survive and betta fish naturally found in water pH of 7.0 or neutral. While in Malaysia our water from tap usually have the value of 7.0 but over time in an aquarium with organic decay it will slowly turns the water towards acidic. And this causes the fin to rot . In extreme case it will also kill the fish. 

Speaking of organic decay, this stuff create nasty ammonia and ammonia is bad news for all aquarium keeper. Having still water without any good microbes will also allow the bad one to grow and this bad microbes will infect your betta fish causing fin rot and death. 

How to prevent your betta fish from dying

As we understand now, the main cause is organic decay. So what should we do with it? Well the most simple method is of cause getting a filter. A small tiny filter will do. This is because betta fish doesn't generate much bio waste which make it possible for one to keep one in an aquarium without any sort of filtration for weeks. In fact it is also possible to keep it healthy forever without a filter as well. 

The betta generate so little waste that some algae or plant is enough to keep we water clean as long as the container is not too small. But the plant or algae needs to be healthy to do it job. That require lights and it's the secret to why you hear that people used to keep betta fish alive in a jar without any filtration. We used to keep the fish outdoor in a 2L jar and we leaves out jar glass wall turns green with algae. The sun light provide good light to grow those green algae. You can use plants too but it's harder to keep the plants alive then it is to grow algae. You have to do more work in order keep the plants well. 

Seachem Betta Basics

But if you do not fish to keep your fish outdoor then you'll have no choice but to use a filter. With or without filter you'll still needs to do some water changes. 50% once a week should be sufficient. We recommend using Seachem Betta Basics during and after water changes to remove algae and maintain neutral pH value.