Bio PetActive Biodent Hexidine Dental Oral Care 250ml

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Chlorhexidine gluconate in Bio PetActive Biodent Hexidine formulation has an antiseptic property. Helps remove plaque and tartar formation on the teeth and prevents bad breath. Zinc Gluconate is effective in preventing plaque build-up. It inhibits the sulfur compounds in mouth and eliminates bad breath odor.

Usage Area: Bio PetActive Biodent Hexidine is formulated to eliminate bad breath in cats and dogs.

Dosage & Administration: Water additive. The product shows its effect within 2-4 days. Give daily with fresh drinking water. The recommended daily amount is given below.

Cats 5 ml into 1 liter drinking water
Dogs under 12.5kg 5 ml into 1 liter drinking water
Dogs over 12.5kg 10 ml into 1 liter drinking water


Storage & Shelf Life: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Keep lid tightly closed and store in cool, dry place. The shelf-life is 2 years from production date.


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