Canine Tribute Tuna & Potato Adult Maintenance 2.7kg

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A comprehensive nutrition for adult dogs over one year while bringing food allergy into consideration.
For an adult dog to receive a well balance diet is essentail.
To ensure the dog receives the nutrition that it needs, Canine Tribute includes:
Herbs (Chamomile * Rosemary) Due to the pollution and stress of city-life, herbs (Chamomile * Rosemary) are infuse into the formulation to help strengthen their immune system, detoixfy and anti-stress purposes.
Flat Kibble Easy-to-eat kibble shape which the dog can eat without too much trouble.
Collagen * Omega-3 Fatty Acids A source of DHA*EPA, for a healthy and lush, skin & coat.
Lactobacillus (EC-12)* Oligosaccharides Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, a healthy digestive system = frimer stool, also a healthy digestive system = better ordor control. A healthy digestive system = better adsorption of nutrition which helps to maintain health of the dog.
Heat-resistant Vitamin C Helps to promote a healthy immune system and plays a role as antioxidants for the dog.
The delicious taste of tuna meat, is irresistable. Made wih real 'Never-frozen' raw Tuna.


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