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Continuum Aquatics Redox Plus 250ml

Continuum Aquatics Redox Plus 250ml

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The Continuum advantage.

Redox Plus is an organic material oxidizer. It will remove unwanted particulate and dissolved organics, such as leftover food or tea colored or cloudy stains from the water to make it a cleaner, more pristine environment for your animals. Raises ORP.

Warning and use in aquarium keeping.

Redox Plus is strong and must be handled with care! It will temporarily discolor tank water. Use per directions only, otherwise it can kill inhabitants! It must not be used on systems less than 30 days old. There must be enough organic material in the water to warrant treatment. While using, observed inhabitants, if they seem stressed, discontinue use immediately. If immediate termination of treatment is desired, a single dose of Fraction will deactivate this product. Do not use with ozone or chelated copper treatments. Used as directed, Redox Plus is completely safe for invertebrates and marine fish. Although, used as directed, cyanobacteria may recede or die, and if they do, they should be vacuumed out of the system when they become stringy and develop bubbles. If you have a redox meter, do not exceed 460 mv. It is recommended that you suspend carbon or resin filtration during use. A large partial water change and a fresh charge of Labyrinth Carbon and the application of a dose of Marine, Discus or Cichlid Elements•T as appropriate for your system is recommended at termination. The simultaneous use of Bacter Clean•M or F, Bacter Gen•M or F, or Bacter Gen•MD is encouraged during treatment. If you use these, add after ten minutes have elapsed.