Habitrail Classic - Hamster Cage

RM75.50 MYR
- Habitrail Classic is a main habitat unit that serves as a safe and secure central living area for hamsters

- Habitrail Classic is completely compatible with all other Habitrail items.

- The cage is constructed of plastic and wiring for both durability and excellent air circulation.

- The deep base design is easy to clean and maintain.

- A large plastic door allows easy access to your pet and it has a lock to keep your pet securely inside.

- Two windows allow you to connect other Habitrail® items using our patented Lock Connectors (sold separately).

- Habitrail Classic also includes a balcony with a secure ramp for hamsters to climb up, a quiet exercise wheel, a chew-proof water bottle and holder with stainless steel tip, a food dish, and a litter guard.


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