DIBAQ Sense Grain Free Salmon Mini 2kg/6kg

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100% natural hypoallergenic food for adult dogs of mini breeds made with fresh salmon that helps the immune system and improves the fur.

Nutritional Description

THE SALMON MINI it is a hypoallergenic recipe designed to take care of the immune system and joints of your pet.It is prepared with fruits, vegetables and salmon to facilitate its digestion and to provide smoothness and brightness to its pelage.A delicious food that prevents allergies and keeps your pet healthy.

THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Brutto protein 28%, Brutto fat 17%, Brutto fiber 2.2%, Inorganic matter 5.9%, Vitamin A 17000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 1650 IU/kg, Vitamin E (α-tocoferol) 112 mg/kg, Ca 1.4%, P 0.8%, Na 0.12%, E.M. 3786,5 kcal/kg.

Metabolizable energy 3786,5 kcal/kg.

THE COMPOSITION: 25 % fresh salmon, 22 % fresh sand, 23 % dehydrated salmon, 23 % peeled salmon, potato, chicken oil, peeled salmon, peeled pulp, salmon hydrolized, vegetables and fresh fruits, 4 % (spinach, carrots and apples), Ceratonia Siliqua (fiber source), salmon oil (source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), vegetable fiber (lignocelulose), mineral substances, joint protective pack (Condroitine sulfate, Glucosamine sulfate and MSM), yuca, achicoria root (inulin-FOS source), levedures (MOS) and aromatic plants with natural antioxidant properties (tomel, romero and oregano).• Natural ingredients.

ADDITIVES : Nutritional additives/kg: Condroitine sulfate 750 mg, Glucosamine sulfate 550 mg.Oligoelements: Iron 195 mg (like iron carbonate), Yodine 2.2 mg (like potassium iodine), Copper 13 mg (like copper sulfate (II) pentahydrated), Manganese 44,5 mg (like manganese oxide), Zinc 185 mg (like zinc oxide), Selenium 0.33 mg (like sodium selenite).Technological additives: Conservants (natural citrus extract) and antioxidants (natural tocoferols).


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