Fluval Chi
Fluval Chi

Fluval Chi

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Aquariums can have a calming and relaxing effect on us. Fluval Chi takes this concept a step further. Inspired by Feng Shui, this unique aquarium is designed to create the perfect balance of sight and sound to help inspire positive life flow energy.

Chi helps stimulate the essence of Chi-inspired values such as life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive. The calming aquatic setting creates a profound sensory and spiritual experience by combining the soothing sound and motion of bubbling water with ambient illumination.

Elegantly-designed, this contemporary-looking aquatic centerpiece is the perfect addition to your home or office.


    • Unique aquarium design creates perfect balance of sight and sound
    • Elegantly-designed, contemporary-looking aquatic centerpiece is perfect addition to homes or offices
    • Easy to set up


Item # : 10506 / 10508

UPC : 015561105064 / 015561105088

Aquarium Capacity: 19 L (5 US GAL) / 25 L (6.6 US GAL)

Aquarium dimensions (L x W x H):

31.25 X 25.4 X 25.4 CM (12 X 10 X 10 IN‘) / 40.6 X 25.4 X 25.4 CM (16 X 10 X 10 IN)

For stocking levels, allow 1 inch body length of fish (excluding the tail) per US Gal of water. Miniature fish species must be kept in shoals of at least 4 or 5 individuals. Please consult with your dealer for fish species compatibility and recommended stocking.