JPD Medi Super Gold - Goldfish Food
JPD Medi Super Gold - Goldfish Food

JPD Medi Super Gold - Goldfish Food

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Product Description:

Medi Super Gold is a goldfish food that has been developed from the result of extensive research in goldfish disease prevention and the latest studies in nutirtions. It is a sinking type pellet, therefore it can be easily eaten by goldfish such as RANCHU and SHISHIGASHIRA. Lactoferrin and other diseases preventions elements is added to help to maintain the health of your Goldfish. We strongly recommend that the same food to be continuously fed to your fish for at least 30 days or more in order to obtain the best result.

Anti-infectious elements
The elements contained in lactoferrin and torula yeast or SOD type enzymes helps to maintain the health of your goldfish.

It has now been possible to achieve colors which are very close to the natural
Vegetable plankton (hematococcus) that contains a very high density of natural astakisantine has been combined in this food in order to obtain the best colors for your gold fish.

High Digestibility
Medi Super Gold has been fortified with ingredients that are easily digest and has combined with enzymes which helps digestion. This promote a high growth rate for your gold fish. Being a sinking type pellets, it is made so it do not easily melt in the water.

Exceptionally tasty
It has been made with nature's most tasty natural ingredients and does not contains any artificial coloring.

Feeding Instruction:

Goldfish do not have stomach and normally will overeat. To protect the health of your Gold fish, please only feed an amount that can be easily consumed within five minutes. Fluctuations in water temperature can affect a Gold Fish's eating habits. Please use the following chart as a feeding guide:

Season Water Temperature Digestion Feeding Instruction
Rainy Some Low Unstable As the water is cooled by rain, feed your goldfish moderately.
Hot High High As the water temperature increase will increase the Goldfish appetite, feed your goldfish 2 to 3 times a day.

Feeding should be done in the day time rather than the evening for better digestion.

Guranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: Min 40%
Crude Fat: Min 4.5%
Crude Fiber: Max 4%
Crude Ash: Max 12%
Moisture: Max 10%


Flour, white fishmeal, dried soybeans, cuttlefish meal, hematococcus, torula yeast, lactoferrin, astakisantine, SOD type enzymes, digestible enzymes, vitamins, minerals.