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JPD Yamato Gold - Goldfish Food 100g

JPD Yamato Gold - Goldfish Food 100g

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Product Description:

  • Specially formulated with all natural ingredients, for the maintenance of a healthy goldfish.
    Fortified with vegetable plankton (hemathococcus), which promotes vibrant and distinctive Goldfish coloring.
  • Manufactured to maintain its shape and do not cloud the water. The high quality pellet is easily digestible.
  • Yamato Gold's formula contains high quality fish meal, which Goldfish find very palatable. The all natural food contains no artificial coloring.
  • Yamato Gold pellet are the correct size for all Gold Fish to consume. Diameter 3mm

Feeding Instruction:

Goldfish do not have stomach and normally will overeat. To protect the health of your Gold fish, please only feed an amount that can be easily consumed within five minutes. Fluctuations in water temperature can affect a Gold Fish's eating habits. Please use the following chart as a feeding guide:

    Season Water Temperature Digestion Feeding Instruction
    Rainy Some Low Unstable As the water is cooled by rain, feed your goldfish moderately.
    Hot High High As the water temperature increase will increase the Goldfish appetite, feed your goldfish 2 to 3 times a day.

    Feeding should be done in the day time rather than the evening for better digestion.

    Guranteed Analysis:

    Crude Protein: Min 37%
    Crude Fat: Min 4%
    Crude Fiber: Max 3%
    Crude Ash: Max 11%
    Moisture: Max 10%


    Wheat flour, fish meal, soybean meal, cutterfish meal, Hemathococcus, Natural Astaxanthin, vitamins and minerals.


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