Nano Silver Yarns - Tube

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Nano- silver yarns, light- activated anti- microbial filter element:
The Nano material derived from Nano silver technology, which has demonstrated a very high capability in eliminating microorganism, which hinges mostly on the presence of the silver ion, Ag+. The capability to produce Ag+ from the Nano particles in the presence of air and water much faster than that of micro particles – created a surface effect. It was found that these reactive agents showed strong and fast anti- bacteria activities.

Preparation of usage:
Fill a mineral water bottle with purifies water, and mix it with Nano Silver Yarns – lightactivated anti-microbial filter element, and simply put it aside for one hour before feeding as a drinking water to your pets.

It will be stronger in inhabiting bacteria growth with a longer soaking time. Suitable for all kinds of drinking dispensing machines. Refill the bottle when the water volume reduces to one- fifth, shorten the soaking time and it can be used immediately.

Made in Taiwan


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