Natural Pet Mushroom Extract Deodorant Pellet 20g

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Champignon mushroom extract is a functional foodstuff made specially from greenhouse-grown mushrooms from Japan. This extract has been patented in 6 European countries and USA and has been proven to have superior suppressive effect on offensive odors.

When food is ingested, various enzymes help to breakdown the food into smaller nutrients before they are absorbed into the body for vital functions. Parts of the food are decomposed by the intestinal bacteria into foul-smelling putrid substance such as ammonia, mercaptan, indole and hydrogen sulfide which are responsible for strong offensive smell in foul breath, body odor and fecal odor. When this offensive smell is excreted and exhaled, it can be embarrassing and can pollute the living environment.

NATURAL PET MUSHROOM EXTRACT DEODORANT PELLET acts directly on the causes to neutralize these foul-smelling, putrid substance to eliminate foul breath, body odor, urine odor and fecal odor.

When these putrid substance are not fully eliminated they can be absorbed thought the bowel lining into the blood. Once in the blood, these harmful chemicals can circulate throughout the body and cause distress.

NATURAL PET MUSHROOM EXTRACT DEODORANT PELLET helps to detoxify there putrid substances in the intestines to keep your pet away from them. It dramatically reduces ammonia level in the blood, which helps to reduce the functional burdens on the kidneys and liver which must continually detoxify these toxic by-products, suppressing the progression of renal failure and hyperammonemia, while toning and improving them. 

If your pets have constipation (lack of complete bowel elimination everyday), your pets are most likely absorbing these toxic by-products into their blood. Daily intake of this supplement is effective in improving the passage of the stool(smell, firmness, color, shape) to alleviate diarrhea and constipation problems.

It is safe to give this supplement to your pet on a daily basis because it is derived naturally from mushrooms. It uses and safety has been proven and confirmed in researches and clinical studies conducted in Japan.


Green tea extract contains many useful flavonoids, a large group of polyphonic compounds with antioxidant properties which may protect against oxidative damage to cells and tissues and also exert a variety of potential anti-cancer effects.

Green tea extract also contains the most important polyphenols of flavonoids type, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is potent antioxidant and is responsible for many preventive effects of  green tea. Green tea extract inhibits the growth of various bacterial strains in the mouth that causes offensive smell. It also prevents oral health problems such as bad breath, dental caries, dental plaque and tooth decay. 


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