Aquario Neo Diffuser Special Extend 40cm - S/M/L

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S: Diameter 12 mm
~ 100liter tank

M: Diameter 17 mm
100~200liter tank

L: Diameter 24 mm
200liter tank~

Extend Type (Bendable for tank)

Components: 2 suction cups 2 practice pipes. Rubber for bending

How to bend for extend type

1. Insert rubber cord into the pipe
2. Heat by turning the pipe to the width of 1 ~ 2cm of the bending point
3. Bend the pipe as you like against the top of tank
4. Remove the rubber after 20 seconds setting


Common precaution

※ For finer bubbles, put it in water for 10 minute before use.
※ If the bubble become bigger, put diffuser in bleach for 5 minute. After that, remove the bleach and use it.
※ Keep out of reach of children and pet.

Precaution for extend type

※ Be careful of fire or burns during bending
※ Heating the fire to only one point can cause incomplete results
※ Once bended or heated, there is no return or compensation.
※ If the pipe is deformed once, it may be damaged by applying force or reheating.


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