PetPal Wild Flower Bee Pollen 45g

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Petpal Wild Flower Bee Pollen is effective for combating pet allergies.Add to the diet;exposing animals to a very small portion of the pollen builds up their resistance to daily environmental allergens,working much like immunization but more naturally.

Benefits of Bee Pollen on mammal pets:
1.Relieve inflammation
2.Strengthen the immune system
3.Reduce stress
5.Boost liver health
6.Work as a dietary supplement
7.Speed up the healing

Benefits of Bee Pollen on pet birds:
1.Makes the plunge of birds fuller and move vivid in color

Recommendations dosages:
For Cat
• 2-4kg :1/4 small spoon per day
• Over4kg:1/2 small spoon per day

For Dog
• 1-10kg :1/2 small spoon per day
• 10-30kg : 1big spoon per day
• Over 30kg :1.5 big spoon per day

For Small Animal
(Sugar Glider, Rabbits, Guinea pig, Hamster & other)
• Small Sized pet:1/4-1/2-small spoon per day

For Bird
(Young Bird A pinch, sprinkle on food)
• Adult Bird: 1 small spoon sprinkle per day.


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  • Hi can I feed this to lorikeet he is a nectar eater

    You can give them as suppliments. But unfortunately this item is no longer available