Petpal Wound & Skin Care 30ml

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Skin spray for wounds,cuts, abrasions, sore & irritations

tpal Wound & Skin Care is an all-natural, highly effective, antibacterial and anti-viral solution for cleansing , debriding and sanitizing cuts, abrasions and scratches. Soothe and support your pet’s skin natural defenses against irritation and inflammation. Safe around the eyes, nose, mouth and all other sensitive areas!

  • Disinfects moist wounds,cuts, abrasions, sore & irritation on the skin
  • Encapsulates the wound after disinfection for quick regeneration
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-virus solution
  • Soothes and support against irritation and inflammation
  • Safe around the eyes, nose, mouth and other sensitive areas
  • Low toxicity and safe for animals and humans, safe for skin, alcohol,oil and fragrance free
  • Non-staining and eco-friendly


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