Remedy - Algae Eradicator

Remedy - Algae Eradicator

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REMEDY Algae Eradicator is a natural solution to cure and protect your aquarium from algae infestation. (BGA blue green algae / cynobacteria, BBA black brush algae, most type of hair algea)

Direction for use:

Turn the nozzle to 'SPRAY' position and apply 1 to 2 sprays on all over the infected area. For maximum result, use emerge by removing partial water before applying. Refill water immediately after.

For heavily hair algae infected aquarium, manually removers as much algae as possible before applying Remedy Algae Eradicator. Algae eating fishes like bard or molly will help the process too.

Can be use weekly during water changes or on new plants as preventive. Avoid skin and eyes contact. In case of eye exposure, promptly & thoroughly wash eyes with water & seek medical attention.