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How to built and decorate a crayfish tank

How to built and decorate a crayfish tank

Jan 25, 2021

Cheng Hoo Sew

Crayfish are rather easy to take care but I wanted more then just a crayfish tank. I wanted a beautiful natural looking crayfish tank but in the same time doesn't require too much maintenance therefore the decoration can't be too complicated. It will also needs to provide the needs for crayfish too live in. Not that they require much but a cave for them to hide and pebbles that's not too large are more ideal. 

So I use our old Fluval Edge tank for this purpose as I'm planning to only keep a single crayfish and the aquarium size is good enough and in the same time provide some impact because of the design of the aquarium it self. 

For the gravel I'll use the Rio Lab Series Amazon L size. 5kg is more then enough for this aquarium. I've selected the rocks that have the ideal size that I needs to built a cave as well as match the color of the Rio Amazon gravel. The cave is built in the center back of the aquarium as that's where the tiny opening of the aquarium is located. This will ease the decoration built up as well as future maintenance needs. I try to make the cave formation to look as natural as possible with several smaller rocks at the side of the cave forming rocks to provide a more natural transition from the larger rock to the smaller pebbles. 

I'm using existing bio media which already contain necessary filtration bacteria in them thus I can introduce the crayfish earlier. Once the aquarium is filled up with water, Aquavitro Shrimp Start is use to remove chlorine. I use several times more then the original dose to help reduce the toxic of heavy metal found in the tap water. I also use the combination of Aquavitro Shrimp pHa and pHb to acquire a neutral pH level. Aquavitro Shrimp GH is use to provide neccessary minerals for the crayfish. Crayfish have wide pH tolerant but setting it a neutral is safer. They also have wide GH range from 4dGH to 10dGH. I'm setting the GH to 4dGH for the time being. The Aquavitro Shrimp GH will also provide essential trace elements as well. After running the water for half hour I'm dosing Aquavitro Seed for bacteria. 

A moment later the crayfish is introduce into the tank. But soon after I find that it's a little bland as most of the time it's hiding in the cave. I added some Zebra Danio. Zebra Danio as well as any fast swimming fish that won't attack the crayfish can be safely keep with it. 

As for maintenance, once a week 50% water change should be more then enough. Aquavitro Shrimp pHa and pHb will be dose on every water change to help maintain the pH while the Aqua vitro Shrimp GH will be dose according to the amount of water being change to maintain the GH.

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