Cat Grooming Damansara

Searching for assistance with cat grooming Damansara? Look no further! From the moment 88 Pets Mart opened its doors in 1985, its goal has always been to become the greatest and most well-known provider of cat grooming services Damansara. Our valuable clients consider the excellent staff we have to be the most reliable cat groomer in Damansara

Our Cat Grooming Services Damansara

Get ready to let your precious kitties enjoy the most luxurious cat grooming services Damansara when you bring them to 88 Pets Mart. Here, we do not just offer basic and full grooming but also irresistible add-ons such as amazing spa treatments as well as dental care. All of these are what it takes to set us apart from other providers of cat grooming Damansara.

Depending on your cat's size and hair type, it will only cost you between RM 60 and RM 120 for basic grooming, which includes nail trimming and ear cleaning. You may also opt for the ‘lion cut’ with our full grooming package for RM 120. The rate for the spa treatment add-ons starts from RM 88 to RM 140. As for dental care, we offer anesthesia-free scaling to ensure your cat’s oral well-being. See? Finding a cat groomer in Damansara has never been this easy!

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Supplies
Because 88 Pets Mart has so many different items of equipment and necessities to keep your fluffy friends healthy, this fine establishment of ours is regarded as the best all-around resource for pet owners. We provide everything from grooming supplies to pet carriers, toys, and even supplements.

Exciting Rewards
Extended advantages are guaranteed when you participate in our loyalty program. All you have to do is accumulate reward points with each purchase, on your birthday, or upon opening an account. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for unique coupons worth up to RM 20. Cool, huh?

Qualified Staff
Our expert crew has no problem at all caring for your feline friend. They were successful in obtaining certifications from the Malaysian Groomers Association (MGA) and Purrection Catz Grooming Academy back in 2022. You can rely on them to take good care of the animals under their care.



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