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Why risk your dog if the pool hygiene is uncertain?

We use multi-award winning pool technology from Australia, to ensure the pool water is hygienic, crystal clear, and gentle to skin like spring water. The hybrid ozone technology, dual wavelength UV lamp, and automated backwash smart system gives excellent pet’s swimming condition that is chlorine free, salt free, tasteless, odourless, no allergic reactions, no red eyes, and do not bleach pet’s hair. The system generates extra oxygen molecules that remove contaminants.

The optimum pH for pool water is maintained at above 7.3 , and is equipped with heater for optimum water temperature at minimum 25 – 28°C. All these are monitored in digital reading in real time. Our air-conditioned room gives humans the hassle free, private swimming environment.

1. Relieving arthritis: build muscle without stressing the joints and bones
2. Against obesity: Help your dog stay in optimal shape
3. Anti-aging: Enhance the metabolism and strengthen hearts and lungs
4. Solving hyper active issue: Burn the excessive energy and keep them from being destructive out of boredom

One swimming session is maximum 30 minutes. However, every dog has different stamina, we should not over force as it can be dangerous.
• Beginner’s recommendation : 5 minute swim = 20 minute walk
• Intermediate recommendation : 15 minute swim = 1 hour walk
• High energy dog : 30 minute swim = 2 hour walk

Swimming fee is RM38.

Grooming is compulsory after the swim at your expense. Fee varies by size. Please make your grooming booking during the appointment. Sorry that self shampooing/ self blowing dry service is not available.

Our indoor swimming pool size is ideal for small to medium breed dog to swim, up to Corgi and Beagle size. Sorry that we do not accept large breed dog, as it would be too narrow to swim here. We do not accept pets with flea, tick, mite problem. And please make sure your dog is not on heat, does not have heart problem/ breathing problem/ urinary tract infection/ skin problem, fully vaccinated with 3 jabs, in good health and clean condition, and not aggressive.

Swimming is a good exercise and it should start from young. Do not book for the swimming session if your senior dog aged above 10 years old and he is not a regular swimmer. Unless you have checked with your vet on his latest condition and is recommended by vet for the swimming exercise, and willing to bear the risk.

Booking is required. And please reach 15 minutes before the reserved time slot for pre- inspection of dog's body condition to make sure do not have any tick/ flea/ mite/ lice problem. Please be punctual. If you are late, the appointment of the next customer will be affected and we may not able to extend your session.

We provide one-to-one swimming session, do not mix different dogs at the same time, so that every dogs get full supervision and guidance during the swim.

We provide one-to-one assistance to swim.

Life jacket will be provided during the swim without extra charge.

Do not feed your dog 2 hours before the swim and 1 hour after the swim. Please ensure they have done their 'pee pee' and 'poo poo' before coming. Any furkid who do their business inside the pool water, penalty of RM200 would be imposed.

Waiting in the shop after swimming is not allowed during the COVID-19 period. We will WhatsApp you to pickup after grooming is done.

Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm, Sat - Sun: 9am - 7pm

Good news for our doggie parents! If you have been looking for a dog swimming pool in Petaling Jaya, we’ve got you covered! Swimming is not only enjoyable for your dog, but it is also beneficial to them. Water resistance forces your dog to work harder to swim than to walk or run on land.

  • Chlorine-Free Water: You do not have to worry about the water quality of our dog swimming pool PJ. We only use chlorine-free water to ensure the skin doesn’t get irritated.
  • Monitored Sessions: Your dog’s safety is paramount to us. All furkids will be monitored closely at our dog swimming pool in Petaling Jaya.
  • Fully Indoors: You will not need to worry if the water in the pool gets too hot for your fur baby on a scorching day. Our dog swimming pool PJ is entirely indoors.
Shih Tzu Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Schnauzer Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Pomeranian Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Poodle Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Maltese Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
French Bulldog Swimming 
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Chihuahua Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Dachshund Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Corgi Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Shiba Inu Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya
Papillon Swimming
dog swimming pool petaling jaya


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