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Grooming | Swimming


  1. No metal cage
  2. Individual glass room to sleep at night
  3. Fully air- conditioned
  4. Strict control on flea/ tick/ mite
  5. Clean & transparent environment
  6. Equipped with ozonizer & UV light sterilization
  7. Voice or text message WhatsApp update every evening
  8. Play zone in day time (optional add-on)
  9. Play zone video & webcam access (optional add-on)
  10. Facilitated with swimming pool and spa treatment (optional add-on)


  • 10am – Breakfast
  • 11am – Play zone
  • 1pm – Shop tour
  • 3pm – Snack time
  • 5pm – Dry clean & body check
  • 6pm – Dinner
  • 7pm – Good night!


(per dog, per room, per day)

Standard Room L 2.6ft x W 2.4ft x H 2ft


small breed below 10kg

Medium Room L 4ft x W 2.6ft x H 2.3ft


small breed below 10kg

Large Room  L 4ft x W 3ft x H 3ft


small breed below 10kg



medium breed above 10kg (Beagle, Corgi, Frenchie, Shiba Inu etc)

Extra Large Room L 5.3ft x W 3ft x H 3.2ft


small breed below 10kg



medium breed above 10kg 

(Beagle, Corgi, Frenchie, Shiba Inu etc)

* Boarding fee is per dog, per room, per day. Example: 1 Jan check-in, 5  Jan check-out = Standard Room RM35 x 5 days x 1 small breed dog = RM175

* Continuous staying for 7 days and above is entitled to discount during off peak season. 

Play Zone:

Nobody enjoys being crammed inside a metal cage. Your fur kids staying at our dog hotel daycare can enjoy themselves at our Play Zone during the day. They can even make new friends! They retire to their air-conditioned glass room at night to rest and eat without being disturbed by others. We ensure only sociable and friendly doggies are allowed in our Play Zone. We have Play Zones for doggies with different characters at our dog hotel Malaysia.

  • The play time in our dog hotel Malaysia is from around 11 am - 5 pm. Video taken once and shared with owners by evening. If the dog is booked for a grooming session on that day, we only allocate the play session before grooming. After grooming, will be waiting in the grooming room for pickup home OR back to the dog hotel room for continued boarding.
  • Small to medium dogs - Must be sociable with others. Unneutered male dogs with aggressive humping or disturbing behavior will be rejected from joining the play zone as it may disturb other dogs.
  • Prior to boarding to our dog hotel, ensure your fur kid is fully vaccinated and in good health condition. Do not have any contagious skin disease. Do not have tick/ flea/ mite/ lice, and with up-to-date tick prevention spot-on applied.


 Optional Add-On For Hotel Guest Price
WhatsApp update in voice or text message

    Play zone 11am - 5pm, small breed dog

    • below 10kg
    • Play zone video taking
    RM19 per day

    Play zone 11am - 5pm, medium breed dog

    • above 10kg example: Frenchie, Corgi, Beagle, Shiba Inu
    • Play zone video taking

    RM25 per day

    • Walking Tour - stress-relief window shopping walk
    • Snack Time - chill with our provided snacks 
    • Dry Cleaning Body - Eyes, paws, private parts, and quick coat brushing

      RM10 per day


      Play zone webcam

      • Continuous day from check-in to check-out date

      RM10 per day

      (new service!)

      Room webcam

      • continuous day from check-in to check-out date

      RM10 per day

      (only XL room, limited quantity, pre-book required)


      • To feed our healthy home-cooked meals


        25% discount 


         Day Care Only (For Non-Hotel Guest) Price

        Play zone 11am - 5pm, small breed dog

        • below 10kg

        RM35 per entry

        Play zone 11am - 5pm, medium breed dog

        • above 10kg example: Frenchie, Corgi, Beagle, Shiba Inu

        RM45 per entry

        Video taking and send by WhatsApp

        • play zone & shop tour

           RM10 per day



          Dog Hotel T&C:

          • Business hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm, Sat - Sun: 9am - 7pm. Earliest check-in is 15 minutes after we open, and latest check out is 15 minutes before we close. Check out later than 7pm will be automatically extended to tomorrow check out with added staying fee. 
          •  Your pet must be have their 3 vaccines fully done, do not have any signs of illness, injury, or violence.
          • We do not accept pets with flea, tick or mite problem. If you are not sure your pet has the problem, before making your 50% deposit payment, you are suggested to bring your pet to your nearby vet for checking. Or you can bring to us 1 week before check-in for checking, without extra charge applied. After confirming your pet does not has the problem, it is compulsory to be treated with the spot-on prevention prior to check-in. You can do it on your own, or done by us at your expense on the product.


          What to bring for dog hotel?

          1. Food is not included in the boarding fee. Please bring your own food or you may buy here and we feed according to your advice. We feed twice a day, around 10am and 6pm. We have freezer, fridge, microwave for the storage and preparation.
          2. To create a familiar environment, you can bring your bowl, snack, toy etc.
          3. If you bring your own snack, it will be fed together with meal in individual room. Snack of the Pawsome Add-Ons will be provided by us. 
          4. If your dog is toilet trained, please bring your pet toilet and wee wee pet sheet. 
          5. Please bring your carrier home after check-in. 


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            Dog Hotel Play Zone Webcam
            Dog Hotel Play Zone Webcam
            Dog Hotel XL Room Webcam
            Dog Hotel XL Room webcam
              Dog HotelClick above picture to direct to more galleries.

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              Tutorials On Dog Breed From 8TV Interview:

              Maltese, 马尔济斯犬

              Chihuahua, 吉娃娃

              Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 骑士查理王猎犬

              Pekingese, 北京犬

              Shetland Sheepdog, 喜乐蒂牧羊犬

              Corgi, 柯基犬

              Dachshund, 腊肠犬








              房间尺寸:长 2.6尺x 宽 2.4尺x 高2尺
              住宿费:RM35 (小型犬)

              房间尺寸:长 4尺x 宽 2.6尺x 高 2.3尺
              住宿费:RM40 (小型犬)

              房间尺寸:长 4尺x 宽 3尺x 高 3尺
              住宿费:RM45 (小型犬), RM58 (10kg以上)

              房间尺寸:长 5.3尺x 宽 3尺x 高 3.2尺
              住宿费:RM55 (小型犬), RM70 (10kg 以上)

              - 10am – 5pm
              -小型犬加 RM19
              -中/大型犬加 RM25


              * 狗狗必需注射完整更新的预防针。没有生病、受伤、过凶等问题。
              * 我们不接受有跳蚤、螨虫问题的宠物。假如您不确定您的毛孩有没有感染的问题,在付定金预约前,建议先做身体检查。您可以自己检查、或带给兽医检查,或在入住的一星期前带给我们做一个免费的体检。在确定您家的毛孩没有跳蚤问题后,需要使用防蚤滴。您可以自己先准备好,或者在这里购买使用。



              Hotel Anjing & Penjagaan Harian
              Tidak ada yang suka dikurung di dalam sangkar logam. Betapa gembira dan seronoknya mereka menyertai Zon Main kami pada waktu siang. Mereka bahkan boleh membuat rakan baru! Pada waktu malam, mereka mempunyai bilik kaca berhawa dingin sendiri untuk tidur. Kemas kini setiap hari dihantar kepada penjaga mereka untuk meredakan kebimbangan anda yang berpisah.
              Zon Main kami hanya dibuka untuk anjing yang ramah dan mesra. Kami mempunyai empat Zon Main. Zon untuk anak bulu yang lembut dan tenang, dan zon untuk anak bulu yang aktif dan suka bermain. Mereka yang tidak menyertai zon main akan mendapat perayauan percuma satu persatu dua kali sehari.

              1. Zon main tidak diwajibkan pada waktu siang
              2. Tiada sangkar logam
              3. Bilik kaca individu untuk tidur pada waktu malam
              4. Berhawa dingin sepenuhnya
              5. Kawalan ketat pada kutu/sengkenit/tungau
              6. Persekitaran yang bersih & telus
              7. Dilengkapi dengan pensterilan ozonizer & sinar UV
              8. Kemas kini WhatsApp setiap malam
              9. Perkongsian video di zon main
              10. Dilengkapi dengan kolam renang dan rawatan spa (bayaran tambahan)

              Bilik Standard:
              - Saiz Bilik: L 2.6ft x W 2.4ft x H 2ft
              - Bayaran Penginapan: RM35 (baka kecil)

              Bilik Sederhana:
              - Saiz Bilik: L 4ft x W 2.6ft x H 2.3ft
              - Bayaran Penginapan: RM40 (baka kecil)

              Bilik Besar:
              - Saiz Bilik: L 4ft x W 3ft x H 3ft
              - Bayaran Penginapan: RM45 (baka kecil), RM58 (melebihi 10kg)

              Bilik yang Lebih Besar:
              - Saiz Bilik: L 5.3ft x W 3ft x H 3.2ft
              - Bayaran Penginapan: RM55 (baka kecil), RM70 (melebihi 10kg)

              ▶ Zon Main:
              - 10 pagi - 5 petang
              - Tambah RM19 untuk baka kecil, tambah RM25 untuk baka sederhana/besar

              *Bayaran Penginapan adalah untuk setiap anjing, setiap bilik, setiap hari


              * Haiwan peliharaan anda mesti menerima vaksinasi terkini, tidak mempunyai tanda-tanda penyakit, kecederaan, atau keganasan.
              * Kami tidak menerima haiwan peliharaan dengan masalah kutu, sengkenit atau tungau. Sekiranya anda tidak pasti haiwan kesayangan anda menghadapi masalah, sebelum melakukan pembayaran deposit, anda disarankan membawa haiwan kesayangan anda ke doktor haiwan berdekatan anda untuk diperiksa. Atau anda boleh membawa kepada kami 1 minggu sebelum daftar masuk untuk pemeriksaan, tanpa dikenakan bayaran tambahan. Setelah mengesahkan bahawa haiwan kesayangan anda tidak mempunyai masalah, adalah diwajibkan untuk memberikan rawatan pencegahan drop-on sebelum mendaftar masuk. Anda boleh melakukannya sendiri, atau dilakukan oleh kami dengan dikenakan bayaran kepada anda ke atas produk tersebut.

              Apa yang perlu dibawa?
              1. Ingatlah untuk membawa makanan anda sendiri kerana setiap haiwan peliharaan mempunyai makanan pilihan mereka di rumah. Kami mempunyai peti beku, peti sejuk, microwave untuk penyimpanan dan penyediaannya.
              2. Barang-barang keperluan seperti makanan (makanan kering, makanan dalam tin, makanan tambahan, lembaran haiwan peliharaan) tidak termasuk dalam kos penginapan.
              3. Lampin pakai buang disediakan untuk anak bulu yang menyertai zon main, tanpa bayaran tambahan.
              4. Untuk mewujudkan persekitaran yang tidak asing, anda boleh membawa mangkuk, botol, tandas, mainan dll.

              For further information:


              【88 PETS MART】
              We are nearby Bandar Utama 12
              ■ Tel: 03 – 7805 4479 / 03 – 7805 4478
              ■ Address: 20 & 22, Jalan PJU 1/3D, Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, 47301, Petaling Jaya. Malaysia.
              ■ Operation Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm, Sat - Sun: 9am - 7pm


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