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Seafood Holding System

At 88 Pets Mart we will help you to have a healthy and beautiful seafood tank.

- Custom Aquariums
- Professional Aquarium Services
- Aquarium Installation
- Aquarium Maintenance
- Pond consultation

Let 88 Pets Mart trained service technicians assist you with your next project. From selection to installation, we have experienced staff who can guide you through the process. We can tailor our services to meet your needs.


88 Pets Mart has been designing, installing, and servicing seafood tanks since 1995. We have specialized in seafood tanks maintenance and building custom aquariums. Our trained service technicians’ primary responsibilities are to provide clients with professional customized services to meet each client’s unique needs.We are able to guide you through every aspect of a seafood tank project. Our service division specializes in working with clients to develop a customized luxury seafood tanks in your restaurants. Our staff is experienced in working with interior designers, architects, electricians and contractors. We will ensure that your aquarium installation is smooth with minimal interruption to your business. We are dedicated to providing our clients’ the highest level of aquarium service and product in the industry. With over twenty years experience, we can assist you with keeping your show aquarium in pristine condition, including maintenance, feeding, disease treatment, and free water tests.




 Ready Made System

High-tech portable lobster display tank

  • Novel and beautiful appearance
  • Minimal space requirement, full set at 1L x 0.66W x 1.5H meter
  • High holding capacity, up to 23kg of lobster
  • Low mortality rate
  • Double glazing glass prevent condensation
  • Full auto filtration & semi auto water changing system
  • Low maintenance, with operation & maintenance manual
  • No water dripping and wet floor problem. Corrosion free
  • Additional drainage system is not required
  • Only need one 13AM switch
  • 1 year full warranty

ONLY RM8,800 (GST inclusive)

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