About Us

88 Pets Mart Sdn Bhd was formed in 1985. We are committed ourselves to bringing joy to you and your pet for more than 30 years. We aspire to be the one-stop online pet supply store for all pet-related needs! With 88 Pets Mart, we make shopping easy, convenient, and timely. You can find all kinds of kibbles, wet food, toys, carriers, and more for your pets at our online pet supply store. The dedicated team at 88 Pets Mart is committed to continuous improvement and values customer satisfaction. By providing a convenient and cost-effective online portal for their humans, we aim to improve pets' well-being and quality of life. We also provide pet boarding services for those travelling.


In the evolving relationship with pets, we wish to educate and bring awareness to pet owners that there is more we can do to lead a fine-quality lifestyle for pets. We cover the complete range of products that our pets needs, while our services for pets are customised to meet the needs of dogs, cats, and small animals:
• Hotel & Day Care
• Grooming & Spa
• Swimming Pool


We have a solid foundation in aquatic lines and make excellent performance in marine and freshwater ornamental fishes, water plants, landscaping, and paludarium. The aquarium is not restricted to the skilful hobbyist. With our help, everyone also can own this pleasing aesthetic piece of art at their home or office.


We are specialised in designing, installing, and servicing seafood holding system since 1995. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients’ the highest level of aquarium service for their hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets. We develop customized luxurious seafood tanks across Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and USA.



  1. Radio Anchor 馨蕊: Cat Grooming & Cat Hotel
  2. TV Host 小马 - Cat Grooming
  3. TV Host 秋月 - Cat Hotel 
  4. TV News Anchor 蔡心怡 - Dog Hotel, Dog SwimmingDog Grooming 
  5. TV News Anchor 苏进川 - Dog Hotel, Dog Swimming & Dog Grooming  
  6. Radio Anchor 籽瑩 - Dog Grooming 



  1. Awarded by Britishpedia as Successful People In Malaysia - 2023
  2. Awarded by Brand Laureate as SMEs Best Brands in the category of Online Pet Store - 2023
  3. Interviewed by PETS Magazine 《宠物情缘》
  4. Interviewed by 8TV - “Daily Delight” – 15 episodes 《生活加油站》
  5. Interviewed by 988 FM - “Entrepreneur Success” 《企业起飞》
  6. Interviewed by ASTRO AEC - “SME Great Helper” 《ASTRO企业棒帮忙》
  7. Interviewed by Melody FM – 《他/她的故事》
  8. Sharing at Exabytes – “SME Digital Fest”
  9. Collaboration with HELP University to raise awareness on animal shelters
  10. Interviewed by CITYPlus FM - 《下班有话题》
  11. Interviewed by Ai FM - 《老板给贴士》


We Are Certified Groomers In Malaysia!

 Dog Groomers Certifications

 Cat Groomers Certifications

Dog groomers certification
Dog groomers certification
Dog groomers certification