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Humanity against COVID-19

Apr 05, 2020

Cheng Hoo Sew

The COVID-19 is affecting everyone and the only way of combating it is the MCO and we believe it's the right move to minimize the damage. But it also brings many inconvenience to many during this hard time. We believe that it is at this moment that it is very important for humanity to stand together and help each other as much as possible so that we can create a path that leads to the future we desire now. Although we are apart but our hearts stand as one.

As a pet shop we couldn't provide as much support as the heroes out there in the front line. We can't even compare to the delivery personal that make sure everyone gets what they needs during this difficult time. But we are doing everything that we can. We are rushing all products on to our website as we speak as we believe in the mental support of our pets is very important in this difficult time and they too play an important role right now. Therefore it is important that also provide what they needs.

We are also trying very hard to gets everyone what they needs as soon as possible. Although now that postage service is not running at it full capacity. Poslaju pick up service is currently still unavailable in our area and consignment notes also in limited quantity. But we are still making sure that everyone will get what they ordered within 2 days time in anyway we could. But we are running on limited personal right now so do forgive us if we made any mistakes in this period of time. 

In edition to that we are giving 10% discount to try to minimize everyone's burden. Although it is not much, but we hope this will help in anyway possible. 

Best if luck to everyone.