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Review: Catit Go Natural! Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter

Review: Catit Go Natural! Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter

Oct 27, 2020

Cheng Hoo Sew

Recently the Catit Pea Husk cat litter has been made available in Malaysia and we got our hands on some as soon as possible to try it out ourselves. The pea husk litter is comparable to the tofu cat litter which are both organic and somewhat flushable down the toilet. Here is what we think about it:

Out of the box

Yes, literally the Catit Pea Husk is packed in a box which is unusual in Malaysia whereby most cat litters are packaged in plastic packs. One might not give much thought to the packaging but we find that it’s a big deal. For one, it’s easier to carry and to store. If you tend to buy litter in bulk for storage purposes, then this box packaging would make your litter stock stackable.

Another benefit to the box? Our cats love it. After we used up the litter, the box was given to our cats to enjoy. They spend days sleeping in it and destroying it at the same time. After all, we know how much cats love their boxes.


The Pea Husk

Inside the box, the 14L pea husk cat litter is packed separately in two 7L airtight packaging. We can see no dust at all inside the packet. After cutting the pack open, we were greeted with a whoosh of air follow by a pleasant smell. We truly like the fragrance of this Catit Pea Husk Cat Litter. It smells very natural and not too overpoweringly strong. Our favourite is the lavender. It genuinely smells like real lavender flowers. Though we don't really know how pea husk is supposed to smell like but it kind of reminds us of vanilla.


As a cat litter

The pea husk cat litter pellets are much thinner compared to similar products such as the tofu cat litter. It's so tiny it almost looks like ice cream sprinkle toppings. We find that the smaller size helps it to stick and clump faster as there's more contact surface per volume.

Speaking of clumping, the Catit Go Natural! Pea Husk Cat Litter clumps exceptionally well. It is very sticky once it touches anything that is moist. As a result, it holds on to its clumped shape better and there's no visible dust. But a small warning: if you don’t place a thick enough layer of the pea husk litter in your litter box, it might also stick onto the bottom of the pan when the liquid reaches down there.


Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Cat Litter


We find that the Catit Go Natural! Pea Husk Cat Litter out-performed most other organic flushable litter such as tofu and wood sticks. But compare to other non-organic, non-flushable material such as Cat Love Odor Defense bentonite litter or the Catit Scentless crystal litter beads, the Catit Go Natural! Pea Husk couldn't compete in terms of odor absorption. But it still works better than most economical China-made conventional cat litter.


In order to achieve the best result, we recommend that it should be scooped at least once a day. Catit claims that one box of Go Natural! Pea Husk would last for 60 days for a single cat but we find that we need to top up around 30 days in, which make sense as you have already used up half of the litter and to ensure the best clumping performance, it's better to top it up. All in all, the Catit Go Natural! Pea Husk Cat Litter is definitely worth the money if you're looking for organic and 

flushable cat litter.


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