Momi Second Cut American Timothy Hay 0.5kg/1kg/2.5kg

RM34.90 MYR
Momi American 2nd cut timothy hay has low protein and high fiber, which is important for keeping overall health of rabbits and other herbivore. The nutrition is suitable for dairy feeding and would not lead rabbits to be over-weight. Thus, it helps much on reducing hair ball accumulation. Besides, our long strand hay improves rabbits and small herbivore digestive function effectively which could help to avoid intestinal related diseases and maintain a healthy urinary system. Last but not least, it is favorable to prevent common teeth problems in herbivore by chewing Momi hays.

  • High-fibre aromatic hay, second cut hay is softer and greener than 1st cut
  • High fibre content promotes excellent digestion and prevents obesity.
  • Long strands, low protein content, green soft and fragrant
  • Overgrown tooth prevention. Overgrown teeth can be serious enough to inhibit the ability to eat. Chewing hay action allows tooth to be worn down naturally.
  • Hair ball Elimination. Long strands fiber stimulates intestinal transit and effectively avoids hair accumulation. Momi premium Timothy hay comes with longer fiber than other brands.
  • Available in a re-seal able zip lock bag, ease of storage and less mess!
  • Suitable for all small animals
  • Made in the USA
Feeding Guidelines:
Unlimited amounts for all ages. Clean fresh water ready all the time. 80% of a small herbivore's diet should be hay.

Timothy hay and no additives.

Crude Protein min 7%
Crude Fat min 1.5%
Crude Fiber max 34%
Calcium max 0.6%
Moisture max 14%




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