Amelisa Rawly Stick Pet Puree 16g/stick

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Storage method:

Product need to be refrigerated once open. Do not left open for more than 24 hours. Store in cool dry place before open, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Grain free
  • No additives and colourings
  • 100% pure lean meat
  • No pork content
  • Apatite booster
  • Easy digest
  • Supplement grade treats
  • Improve skin and shiny coat
  • Improve muscle and growth
  • added composition DHA, taurine, vitamins & mineral

Chicken & Goat Milk (Protein & Growth)

Ingredients: Chicken breast, Goat milk, Prebiotics, Fish Oil, Algae Extract

Duck & Carrot (Boost Immunity & Eyesight)

Ingredients: Duck Breast, Carrot, Prebiotics, Fish Oil, Algae extract

Premium Salmon & Egg Yolk (Hair & Skin)

Ingredients: Salmon fillet, Egg yolk, Prebiotics, Fish Oil, Algae Extract

Cod Fish & Fish Roe (Low Calories & Easy Digestion)

Ingredients: Cod fish, Fish Roe, Prebiotics, Fish Oil, Algae Extract


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  • Can I give Rawly stick to my cats every day?

    Sure, once a day won't be too much.