Alprocide Tick & Flea Treatment Medicine for Cats & Dogs (From Thailand)

RM13.50 MYR

Prevents and eliminates tick fleas and worms. For dogs and cats weighing less than 10 kg. Drugs and flea protection And treatment of leprosy The new drug works better. High performance and good performance. Just drop a pill on the back of the cat once a month, your cat will be safe from fleas and ticks outside. See fast results. Flea tick remover Egg ticks eggs Both larvae and adults. It is also effective in treating leprosy in mice. No residue Safe for pets Get rid of fleas, fleas, eggs, fleas, fleas and adults of all breeds. See fast Get rid of punch faster 98-100% in 24 hours. Stop the growth and cut off the breeding cycle of tick fleas. The drug resistant to regular pet bath every week. It can prevent flea tick for more than 30 days. Reduce the infection with flea tick. high quality drugs Tested that no chemicals harmful to pets. Safe for dogs and cats. Available in kittens 3 months and older. 1 cc every 1 month to prevent and eliminate flea tick. Drops 1 cc every 1 week consecutively 4-6 times to treat leucorrhea. Drooping on the skin behind the midsection between the shoulders of animals. Should refrain from bathing before and after the drug drops at least 3 days.


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  • Is this safe for cats with wounds

    As long as not use on the wound