AquaNice Fujikoi Hi Growth 1kg (M/L)

RM16.00 MYR

Fujikoi is a high-grade colour enhancing diet for koi. This specially formulated diet is perfect for koi to look their best during the warmer weather months. Widely used by hobbyists and specialists who show koi. This outstanding diet promotes exceptional colouration from its natural colour enhancing ingredients, pure-culture spiralling and astaxanthin.

AquaNice Fujikoi Hi Growth
A special formulation developed to help koi add weight and grow rapidly. A uniquely balanced formulation of high proteins, vitamins and minerals developed for short term feeding. Supports immune system health while offering a taste most koi readily enjoy. Can be easily absorbed to enhance the immune system.


  • Boots the immune system and increase resistance to disease
  • Nutritionally balance to optimise growth and performance
  • Excellent digestive absorption properties
  • Abundance of Spirulina, Krill Meal, Well balanced Vitamins and other nutrients help to enhance the color of koi distinctly and vividly.

White Fish Meal, Spirulina, Krill Meat, Wheat Flour, Wheat-Germ Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Sota Bean Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Brewers Dried Yeast, Garlic, Calcium Phosphate, Bakery Dried Yeast, Astaxanthin, Yeast Extract, Chitin (Chitosan), Ascorby 1-2 Phosphate, Vitamins, Minerals

Protein ------------------------ 37.0% Min
Fat ------------------------------- 8.0% Min
Fibre ---------------------------- 5.0% Max
Moisture ---------------------- 5.0% Max
Ash ---------------------------- 10.0% Max

Product Origin: Japan


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