Coco & Joe BARF for Dog Golden Combo 300g/1kg

RM16.40 MYR



Beef, whole quail, whole mackerel, duck, meaty duck bone (natural source of glucosamine), duck liver & gizzard, quail egg & duck egg (shell included) , water spinach, spinach, carrot, long beans, green beans, garlic, chili, broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin (seed included), papaya, guava, organic ground flaxseed, variety of sprouts and microgreens.

Coco&Joe BARF Golden Combo Formula

  • Suitable for All Breeds, All Life Stages
  • No Grains, Gluten, Added Salt, Fillers, Chemicals and Colourings, Added Preservatives and Synthetic Flavourings and Heat Processing.
  • Better Breath and Healthier Teeth
  • Healthier Skin and Coat
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Better Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
  • Stronger Joints and Bones
  • Smaller Stool Volume and Less Odour
  • Easy to Maintain Healthy Body Mass

Adults: Feed 2 to 4% of your dog's body weight per day. If you feel your dog is thin, then start with 4% of his body weight per day and then reassess it later. If you have an overweight dog, then start with 2%. Monitor your dog's weight regularly to adjust the amount you feed.

Puppies: Feed 3 to 6% of your puppy's body weight per day. Divide the daily amount into 2 to 4 meals. (Note: Remember to weigh your puppy at least once a week as they grow fast and you want to ensure they are fed the correct amount of BARF).

Bitches in whelp: Feed as per normal in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. Increase to 3 to 4% of her body weight from week 5 to week 7. Increase to 4 to 6% in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Monitor your dog's weight regularly to adjust the amount you feed.


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