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Continuum Aquatics Rescue•Fish F

Continuum Aquatics Rescue•Fish F

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The Continuum advantage.

Shrimp safe, Highly effective Rescue•Fish F is designed to treat bacterial infections, open sores, ulcerations, redness in fins or body, tail and fin rot and cloudy eyes directly in the aquarium, without damaging the biological filter bacteria. It boosts the immune system of fish and invertebrates and helps them resist pathogens. It will accelerate skin & tissue recovery after wounds, cuts or infections. It is safe for all species of freshwater fish including scaleless fish and all invertebrates including shrimp and crayfish.

Use in aquarium keeping.

Nutrition is especially important when animals are ill. Fish must eat to survive. Continuum recommends that you consider using BioViv•Garlic to boost their appetite. Also consider BioViv•F vitamins added to food and BioViv•C added to water and food to further boost their immune system and help them fight. BioViv•HUFA will help build and maintain a healthy slime coat.

Interactions: Do not use Rescue•Fish F simultaneously with other Rescue treatments in the same aquarium because they are the same active ingredient and you will overdose. If you are treating the fish, the shrimp will be treated also. Do not use with other medications, unless allowed on our website.