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Continuum Aquatics Stress Defense•F 250ml

Continuum Aquatics Stress Defense•F 250ml

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The Continuum advantage.

Stress Defense•F is a non-acidic, shrimp safe, technologically advanced, premium quality, maximum strength slime coating product that will reduce ammonia toxicity and stress when transporting or handling fish. Stress Defense•F coats wounds and abrasions like a bandage and helps fish slough off bacteria and parasites. Stress Defense•F does not contain aloe vera or carboxymethylcellulose which can decay in an aquarium and lower the redox and water quality. Unlike most competing products, it can be safely used with shrimp and in planted aquariums as well as brackish aquariums.

Use in aquarium keeping.

Healthy aquariums depend on a well functioning biological (bacterial) filter. Continuum recommends that you use BacterGen•F, or BacterClean•F simultaneously with the Stress Defense•F to establish a properly working bacteria filter and maintain it. This will keep deadly ammonia and nitrite from weakening the fishes immune system and contribute to their overall health and hardiness, making recovery faster and more complete. Many filter systems are undersized. To quickly increase filtration in any existing filter, slowly change out filter medium to Continuum Exxodus freshawater cubes or blocks. Exxodus has the highest surface area for filtration of any filter medium in the world and will quickly increase filtration and fish load capacity in any system.

Interactions: Do not use Rescue•Fish F simultaneously with other Rescue treatments in the same aquarium because they are the same active ingredient and you will overdose. If you are treating the fish, the shrimp will be treated also. Do not use with other medications, unless allowed on our website.